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Bonnie Artiste. © Vivian Grant Farrell.
Hattingdon® Design Bonnie Artiste. © Vivian Grant Farrell.

Hattingdon® is a popular series of designs featuring a cartoon horse wearing one of a kind hats.

Vivian Grant Farrell, the creator of Hattingdon, came up with the Hattingdon design concept in 2007 when she suddenly found herself spending Christmas alone in Washington DC and used her time trying to come up with a design concept that would appeal to kids in her horse charity’s gift shop.

The first Hattingdon was so well received she began to design others and before she knew it she had a hit series on her hands.

It turned out that Hattingdon has a broad appeal and popular with “kids of all ages”.

Farrell says she knows a design is successful if it makes her smile. Or better yet laugh out loud! That is how she coined the phrase that Hattingdon is made with a “hatful of smiles”.

Get a Hattingdon®. Get a smile.


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Coming Soon

Hattingdon® is scheduled to enter the direct sale market in 2017 at gift shops and boutiques. Mrs. Farrell is also creating Hattingdon® handmade art cards which will be sold online at Etsy.

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Learn how Hattingdon® got started on our Hat-Story page.

Hattingdon’s interview in Hatsquisite Magazine is a must read. There’s no one like Hattingdon!

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Vivian Grant Farrell is the creator and owner of Hattingdon® and retains all rights, entitlement and control over every Hattingdon® design. Thank you.