Shade Parade

Hey there. Hattingdon® loves her some shades. She’s been collecting them on her many travels. Let’s take a look!

Hattingdon's Shades of Canada.
Shades of Canada.
Hattingdon's Shades of England.
Shades of Britain,
Hattingdon® Shades of France
Shades of France.
Hattingdon's Shades of Ireland.
Shades of Ireland.
Hattingdon's USA Shades.
Shades of USA.

How about a blast from the past — Hattingdon’s sunglasses from the 2018 Winter Olympics. Remember? We named the design Kikkan.

Hattingdon in her Olympic shades from 2018.
Shades of the Olympics.

Have a fave? Let us know.

Hugs and kisses, and millinery blisses.

Hattingdon & Co.

Royal wedding merch

Here’s Hattingdon’s novelty hat design created for her to wear on her trip to England for the Royal Wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. On a jumbo mug. A large tote. Greeting cards. And apparel. Because you asked for it and we are happy to oblige.

And we agree. It is over the top fun. There’s a sale going on today too! Details at the end.

c. $23.00

c. $23.00

c. $3.40 per card

c. $37.50 (this style). 100+ more clothing options to choose from.


Custom order kings Zazzle are offering the following sale until midnight tonight California time.

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If you see another product you would like this design on, email us at and we will create it for you and send you the link.

Thanks for stopping by and happy shopping.

Too much?

Hey! Look what day it is!

The day has finally arrived for the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Coverage starts in a few minutes.

I have several hats to share. I will do it in two posts.

First. How about some casual hats just for fun. Boy is the first one fun.

I ‘grammed this one and asked, “Too much?” Obviously not! Grammers loved it — going by comments.

Jackie hat design with flag of England shades created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell exclusively for Hattingdon Horses®.
Jackie hat design with flag of England shades created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell exclusively for Hattingdon Horses®.

Next up. Tudor Rose ballcap.

Tudor rose ballcap created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell exclusively for Hattingdon Horses®.
Tudor rose ball cap created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell exclusively for Hattingdon Horses®.

I am wrapping this up quickly. I know you are busy preparing to view the royal wedding coverage. We are too!

Oh, before I forget. I love the connection between Windsor Castle and the Tudors, hence my Tudor Rose ballcap.

Windsor Castle is an ancient castle dating back to the time of William the Conqueror and a place Anne Boleyn visited on many occasions.

The motte (earthen mound) of Windsor was constructed by William the Conqueror in about 1080, and the castle has been added to and remodelled almost continually ever since. Edward IV began St. George’s Chapel, which was finished by Henry VIII, who was buried there along with his third wife Jane Seymour. The Old Chapel, at the east end of St. George’s, was remodelled by Henry VII. The Old Chapel eventually became the Albert Memorial Chapel after the death of Queen Victoria’s husband.

Henry VIII also built a new gate for the lower ward, now known as the Henry VIII gate, and is the exit for tourist visitors to the Castle. Mary I built the Military Knights’ Houses in the lower ward. Henry VII also built a new range to the west of the State Apartments. Elizabeth I added the Long Gallery to Henry VII’s new apartments, and this area now houses the Royal Library.

The North Terrace was originally constructed by Henry VIII, although it was later widened.


In my next post I will show you the hat I am wearing for this most festive and important occasion — the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle!Hattingdon® text black desyrel font.

Thanks everyone. Stayed tuned! xoxoxo



National Limerick Day

Squeeeeee! It’s not too late is it to celebrate National Limerick Day? In our hemisphere it isn’t anyway, so here goes. Ha, ha….!


There once was a horse called Hattingdon.
Who loved wearing hats and having fun.
She wears them all day
To flirt and at play,
Then sleeps in them when day is done.

Jamie Irish inspired top hat created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell exclusively for Hattingdon®.
Jamie Irish inspired top hat created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell exclusively for Hattingdon®.

I’m wearing my Irish inspired top hat cause the limerick is historically associated with Ireland, but . . .

Edward Lear

Observed annually on May 12, National Limerick Day celebrates the birthday of English artist, illustrator, author and poet Edward Lear (May 12, 1812 – Jan. 29, 1888).

Lear is known mostly for his literary nonsense in poetry, prose and limericks.

National Limerick Day also celebrates the limerick poem. Limerick poems were popularized by Edward Lear’s book “Book of Nonsense” in 1846.

Here’s one of Mr. Lear’s limericks:

By Edward Lear

There was a Young Lady whose chin
Resembled the point of a pin;
So she had it made sharp, and purchased a harp,
And played several tunes with her chin.

Irish Limericks

How old are Limericks and where did Irish Limericks originate? Why are there so many Irish Limericks? What is the connection with Ireland?

The rhyme that we refer to as a limerick originated as far back as the 14th century and were extremely popular in both England and Ireland. Irish Limericks are poems and a form of poetry which rhymes. Irish Limericks are simple and short and easy for even kids and children to write or compose.


There was an old person of Bray,
Who sang through the whole of the day
To his ducks and his pigs, whom he fed upon figs,
That valuable person of Bray.

Learn more and read more Irish limericks here »

Do you have a favourite limerick? Please leave it in comments.

Be sure to use #NationalLimerickDay when posting on social media.

Love ya to Limerick and back again. Always and forever. Yours,


Hattingdon® text black desyrel font.

Updated 8:18 pm

Happy 90th birthday to HM The Queen, the queen of hats

Updated 4/22/2016 9:20 pm

The Queen of Hats in a hat from the past. From the Elizabeth II 60 years of hats gallery at the Global Post. Click to view.
Her Majesty The Queen in a hat from the past. From the Elizabeth II 60 years of hats gallery at the Global Post. Click to view.

Line of 8 Black Squares


I can’t write it better, so I’ll quote Barbara M. Neill writing for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in 2011.

Ms. Neill writes:

In an age when few people wear hats on a daily basis, consider this: Queen Elizabeth II, whose rule began on Feb. 6, 1952, has had 5,000 hats protecting her pate during her reign as England’s monarch.

Considered substitutes for the royal crown, hats enable Queen Elizabeth to be easily identified in a crowd, shield her from the glare of the sun, add height to her diminutive stature, and supply a bit of flair for her rather lackluster color-coordinated wardrobe. Her Majesty’s hats also act as cover-ups, eliminating the need for constant hair-tending for a woman whose existence is an endless round of appointments, appearances and activities.

The queen’s fashion sense has often been considered suspect and sometimes downright dowdy. In Elizabeth’s defense, her attire was long chosen by her greatly loved but distinctly unfashionable maid, the now-deceased Margaret “Bobo” MacDonald. However, the monarch’s taste in hats is nothing short of whimsical. Given her nearly 60 years of sovereignty, Queen Elizabeth’s hat selections have been remarkably diverse.

These royal bonnets are highly prized. As rich as the horse-breeding, dog-loving, tea-brewing monarch is, she isn’t a snob about her treasured hats, wearing some favorites 20 to 30 times. Occasionally, the queen chooses to wear a chapeau only once, such as the one worn for the millennium celebration.

Aside from events in her kingdom and important family occasions, hats are often designed for the queen to be worn on royal tours of foreign lands. These creations may incorporate cultural features of the locale, while always respecting that country’s customs.

Regardless of where or when her hats are worn, there are no knock-offs for HRH. Since assuming the throne, Queen Elizabeth has kept her milliners quite dizzy designing the constructions that complete her outfits daily. A replica of her head is even said to grace certain hat-making establishments.

One blog that Hattingdon and I follow is the Royal Hats blog run by a lady who identifies herself as Hat Queen. We adore her and her blog. Take a look at the rainbow retrospective of HM’s hats HQ has done in honor of Her Majesty’s 90th birthday today. We have been so busy looking at it we almost forgot to post!

Here’s one that was created earlier.

Collage of HM Queen Elizabeth II's hats over the years. Wonderful.
Collage of HM Queen Elizabeth II’s hats over the years. Wonderful. Google image.

Hattingdon of course has a royal headdress of her own but she rarely wears it. We thought it would be fun to show it to you.

This confection is from 2009 and not based on any one crown but a lifetime of looking at them. So this “hat” is an amalgamation of sorts strictly from my own imagination. Royalists will definitely see the influences.

The Regina Hat. Created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell exclusively for Hattingdon®.
Regina design created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell for Hattingdon Horses®. From 2009!

The design is called Princess Hattingdon and was retired from the shop in 2014.

Happy Birthday Your Majesty. Long may you live. Long may you reign. Long may you prosper.