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Welcome to our Design Gallery pages. If you would like to license any of these designs please contact us. If you do not see a design that takes your fancy, we will create one just for you. Design names just below each image.

— R —

Regina Novelty Hat (vintage crown hat from 2008 with mane from 2017)
Regina Novelty Hat (made with vintage crown hat from 2008 and mane from 2017)
Robin classic hat
Robin Classic Hat
Roxie mod cap
Roxie Mod Cap
Rudy quilted look novelty Christmas ballcap with antlers
Rudy Ballcap (novelty Christmas hat)
Rudy Ballcap with Red Nose (novelty Christmas hat)
Rudy Ballcap with Red Nose (novelty Christmas hat)

— S —

Sachi Japanese inspired fashion hat
Sachi Japanese Inspired Fashion Hat
Sammy U.S. stars and stripes top hat
Sammy U.S. Stars and Stripes Top Hat
Savannah Classic Hat
Savannah Classic Hat
Shelby classic hat
Shelby Classic Hat
Skylar wrapped head scarf in blue with polka dots featuring sunglasses
Skylar Head Scarf
Nature girl Solana wearing a leafy novelty cap adorned with an extra large yellow flower
Solana Novelty Hat
Sophie sweetheart hat multi
Sophie Sweetheart Hat
Star Cowboy Hat
Star Cowboy Hat
Stevie jockey cap in blue
Stevie Jockey Cap
Summer Faire lace floral cap
Summer Faire Lacy Floral Cap (new for 2017)
Sunny sweetheart hat
Sunny Sweetheart Hat

— T —

Tessa sweetheart hat
Tessa Sweetheart Hat
Topper top hat in grey
Topper Top Hat in grey
Trill top hat with sparkly gold opera glasses
Trill Top Hat with Gold Opera Glasses

— V —

Viveca classic hat
Viveca Classic Hat

— W —

Whitney pith helmet inspired hat with curious butterfly
Whitney Safari Inspired Hat with Curious Butterfly

— X Y Z —

Zara zebra print classic hat
Zara Classic Hat
Zip fashion multi ballcap with zipper feature on the crown
Zip Mod Cap

All designs by © Vivian Grant exclusively for Hattingdon® the hat wearing cartoon horse created to bring you a Hatful of Smiles™.

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