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Who or What is Hattingdon®?

Hattingdon® is a series of designs featuring a cartoon horse wearing one of a kind hats.

Here’s how Hattingdon® got started.

Curtis the First

Vivian Grant Farrell, the creator of Hattingdon®, came up with the Hattingdon design concept in 2007 when she suddenly found herself spending Christmas alone in Washington DC.

Vivian decided to put her time to good use and try to make something for kids for her horse charity’s gift shop. Vivian opened up Photoshop and waited for inspiration. And finally it came!

She began layering shapes and found she had blocked out the shape of a horse. He was plain so Vivian decided to dress him up, adding a sideways ballcap, some bling and fierce sunglasses. She called him Curtis.

Curtis (aka H. Daddy or Horse Daddy) — the very first Hattingdon® Vivian created — was born. He later became known as Curtis Hattingdon Gray to distinguish the cousins from one another.

Curtis the First. Original Hattingdon®.
Curtis the First. Original Hattingdon®.

Everyone at the horse charity loved him but Vivian was a bit nervous about what sort of reception Curtis would receive by the public. She had never tried anything like this before especially using her fledgling Photoshop skills.

So it was agreed to put Curtis in the horse charity’s online gift shop in the new year to see what would happen. To everyone’s delight Curtis became an immediate hit.

Vivian’s colleagues encouraged her to design more, saying surely she wasn’t going to stop with Curtis.

She figured she’d had beginner’s luck with Curtis, and didn’t know if she could even design a different one.

After thinking it over, Vivian decided the best way to go forward was to expand on what she already knew how to do, and began creating what became a series using the same cartoon horse wearing one of a kind hats.

For the second Hattingdon® Vivian added big eyes with long, luxurious lashes then put her in a large picture hat in what she calls fashion house pink. Vivian called her second design Harper. The mane was added to Hattingdon a bit later.

Harper Fashion Hat (2nd Hattingdon design after Curtis the 1st)
Harper Fashion Hat (2nd Hattingdon design after Curtis the 1st)

The Start of a Classic

Next up Vivian created what she saw as a classic hat silhouette. It has a rounded crown and medium brim with slightly rounded edges.

She designed the first one in basic black and called her Eve.

Eve Black, Original Classic Hat
Eve Black, Original Classic Hat

From Eve, Vivian produced an entire line of Classic Hats in a wide variety of colors and embellishments.

Eden Classic Hat
Eden Classic Hat
April Hattingdon® Design.
April Hattingdon® Design.
Donna Classic Hat
Donna Classic Hat
Genevieve Classic Hat
Genevieve Classic Hat

See more in our Classic Hat Gallery.

The ideas kept coming well beyond anything she had already done.

Vivian designed fashion hats, ball caps, berets, specialty hats, Christmas toppers and novelty hats for her cartoon horse to wear.

Marcus black ballcap with gold foil letter M
Marcus ballcap in black with gold foil letter M
Jackie Sweetheart Hat
Jackie Sweetheart Hat
Branwen Top Hat
Branwen Top Hat

But what to call the whole thing? After many days of deliberation, she landed on the name Hattingdon and decided it was just right!

Wide Appeal

Originally design with kids in mind Hattingdon® is popular with people of all ages. Although we sell our fair share of youth sizes, adult apparel makes up our highest percentage of sales.

Clothing ranks in our top ten selling products but we sell Hattingdon® on all sorts of high quality merchandise you can customize to your taste at Zazzle.com.


We license Hattingdon® designs. Add a Hatful of Smiles™ to your business or marketing project. Choose an available design or Vivian will create one for you. Contact us for further information.

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Special Orders

Special orders don’t upset us! If you would like Vivian to create a new design for you — or adapt an existing one — for your group, business or yourself, please contact us and she will do her very best to please.

The hatted one lives in excited anticipation of the next hat. And you know Hattingdon. As Hattingdon famously says, “You can never be too rich, too beautiful or have too many hats.”

Landmark Birthdays

Curtis Hattingdon Gray — December 20, 2007
Hattingdon (Curtis’ cousin. No first name, just Hattingdon) — January 28, 2008
Eve Hattingdon (1st Classic Hat Design and forerunner to dozens of other designs) — March 12, 2008

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