Shade Parade

Hey there. Let’s have some fun. Hattingdon® loves her some shades. She has been travelling and collecting them along the way, and she’s ready to parade them for you. Let’s go!

Hattingdon's Shades of Canada.
Shades of Canada.
Hattingdon's Shades of England.
Shades of England.
Hattingdon® Shades of France
Shades of France.
Hattingdon's Shades of Ireland.
Shades of Ireland.
Hattingdon's USA Shades.
Shades of USA.

And how about a blast from the past. Remember Hattingdon’s sunglasses from the 2018 Winter Olympics? We named the design Kikkan.

Hattingdon in her Olympic shades from 2018.
Shades of the Olympics.

What are your favourites?

Hugs and kisses, and millinery blisses.

Hattingdon & Co

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