Baby blue for Baby Sussex

Hello! How are you?

Mrs Farrell has been experimenting with a hat for Hattingdon with a see through brim. The brim didn’t work well at all for a cartoon horse, so she made a percher type of hat instead. It’s pretty darn cool.

She made it originally in pink, then decided to see how it would look in blue. You know how she is!

As she was working on it, it was announced that Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, had delivered a healthy baby boy. Here it is. The new baby blue hat. What do you think? We’ll dish more on the baby after the hat.

Hattingdon® wearing the Yvette hat in pale blue created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell.

The BBC reports:

Left justified quote in 75% grey.A beaming Prince Harry said they were “absolutely thrilled” and thanked the public for their support.

He said Meghan and the baby were doing “incredibly well”, adding that they were still thinking about names for the infant, who was delivered at 05:26 BST [May 6th, 2019]

Buckingham Palace said the baby weighed 7lbs 3oz (3.2kg), and that the duke was present for the birth.

The baby boy is seventh in line to the throne, behind the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Cambridge and his children – Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis — and Prince Harry.

He is the Queen’s eighth great-grandchild.

Do you want to see the hat in pink? Of course you do. . . . Hattingdon® wearing the Yvette hat in pink created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell.

So. . . . what do you think of it in pink? What do you think they will name Baby Sussex?

The Telegraph reports:

Left justified quote in 75% grey.Today, William Hill have a new favourite name — Alexander goes 4/1. Arthur is offered at 5/1, with Spencer the big mover (cut from 20/1 to 9/1).

In the US, the most popular name is Liam for a baby boy. In the UK, the most popular name for a boy is Oliver.

We took a poll at Hattingdon HQ, and everyone without exception took a big shine to the name Spencer, the late Princess of Wales’ family name. We love that.

Hey. Did you know the most popular name for a baby boy in the US is Liam? Ireland, yes. Or the UK generally, okay. But America? Hmmmm. Anyway. None of us here know a single Liam. Do you have a Liam in your family?

Well, that’s it. See you again here soon with more hats. Cheers everyone.

Hattingdon & Co.

P.S. Oh, forgot. May 6th is also the day George Clooney was born. Why that was headline news who knows. Do you think they will call Baby Sussex George. George Windsor kind of has a nice ring to it.

Hugs and kisses, and millinery blisses. H&C.

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