Flashback Friday with Etienne

Hello and Happy Friday. Hooray!

We thought we’d do a Flashback Friday. We haven’t done it in forever.

Hattingdon’s website is updated. We hope you like it. If you haven’t been there in awhile jump on over at hattingdon.com. But not until you see Etienne, our Flashback Friday design.


Etienne Hattingdon®created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell.
Etienne Hattingdon®created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell.

The very first Hattingdon® Mrs Farrell created was Curtis. The second was Harper. She really didn’t know where she was going to go from there, if anywhere. And certainly not that she would create 100s of designs over 10 years. She’s still going!

Following on the heels of Curtis and Harper, Mrs Farrell came up with the classic hat silhouette that she made all sorts of looks with. But in between all of those, she created fashion hats and other weird and wonderful marvels. Etienne falls into one or all of those descriptions.

Oh — for Hattingdon’s new fans, mane was added much later on. Some we stuck with; some we didn’t. Here’s Etienne with mane.

Etienne with mane.
Etienne design with mane. ©Vivian Grant Farrell.

Design Galleries

The Design Galleries are updated on the website. We’ll write more about that later. We will tell you now there are two: A main Design Gallery and a Classic Hat Gallery. This should make a bunch of you very, very happy! Hint, hint classic hat fans. They are both in a new format you can scroll through or view as a slideshow.

If you have any suggestions, please be sure to let us know dear ones.

Hattingdon & Co in Hattingdon's signature cartoon font.

P.S. We have received your notes and messages about our absence on Twitter and Facebook. We have only been busy on Instagram and Hattingdon’s blog. We believe we can populate our Facebook page when we publish on Instagram. We are experimenting to see if looks okay when we do that. We used to publish to Twitter from here on her blog but the images no matter how we sized them chopped something off!

Oh yes, you would also like more updates via email like we used to do. We are reorganizing things in an effort to meet these requests also. So hang in with us!


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