Mora Fedoras

Hello and happy Friday. Happy Friday before a long weekend Friday to Hattingdon’s U.S. fans.

Mrs Farrell has freshened up Hattingdon’s fedoras and we thought you might like to see them.

When we searched the blog to see the last time we wrote about Hattingdon’s fedoras, we got a big surprise. We wrote about them exactly one year ago today — August 31, 2017! How about that?

This time around we have more colours (there’s a pink one now!). Mrs Farrell has also reworked the brim a bit. The hat design’s name is Cagney. Yes, as in James Cagney.

Here they are. They are sure to bring you a hatful of smiles™.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

7 cartoon font divider dots in blackWhich are your favourites?

We love the teal, the pink, the gray, the tan, the purple . . . oh heck all of them! But how about that purple fedora with the bright yellow hatband. Jazzzzzzzzy.

Love you bunches. Stay with us for more smiles.

Hattingdon & Co in Hattingdon's signature cartoon font.



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