National “Smile Power” Day

Omigosh Hattingdon loves nothing better in this whole wide world than hats. When it comes to novelty hats — they send her like a rocket to the moon!

Today — June 15th — is National Smile Power Day and do we have a humdinger of a novelty hat to celebrate with.

Hattingdon’s new hat is wired for smiles — and all charged up to make you glow all over.

Let’s take a look at the hat then we’ll talk a little about the day itself. Are you ready?

"Beamer" Hattingdon created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell for Hattingdon Horses®.
“Beamer” Hattingdon created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell for Hattingdon Horses®.

Hattingdon’s handsome cousin, Marcus Hattingdon Gray, joins us for today’s festivities with a hat of his own.

Marcus Hattingdon-Gray joins his cousin in honour of National Smile Power Day.
Smile Baby! It’s good for ya. C’mon man, you too. It’s the day. — Marcus Hattingdon-Gray

If you are not smiling by now, you ain’t never gonna. . . . ha ha ha.

What’s it all about?

We looked this special day up on the National Day Calendar website, and here is what they say about Smile Power Day:

Left justified quote in 75% grey.June 15th is the day we observe National Smile Power Day (#SmilePowerDay). This is a day for everyone to share the power of the smile.

Start the Day with a Smile

A smile is certainly more empowering than a pout or grump. Starting with  a smile at the beginning of the day is easier than trying to get there later.

When you smile at someone, you are telling them that they are valued and worth the smile that you just gave them. Smiles are morale boosters and confidence builders.

Research has proven that smiling really does increase attractiveness and likability between humans.

Smiling creates a greater trust and increased interpersonal cooperation.

Smiling at someone can help them to relax and relieve their stress while at the same time, it will make you feel right.

Smiling (even if you do not feel like it) will lift your mood and can make you a happier person.

How to Observe

Challenge yourself to smile more often today. Use a smile to disarm a tense situation, or simply smile during your daily tasks. Use #SmilePowerDay on social media.

Love ya bunches. Hurry back to see us.

Hattingdon & Co in Hattingdon's signature cartoon font.


Smiley Face by Mrs Farrell.

P.S. Trivia!

Left justified quote in 75% grey.It’s largely accepted that the original version of the familiar smiley face was first created more than 50 years ago in Worcester, Massachusetts by the late Harvey Ross Ball, an American graphic artist and ad man.

via Goggle search results


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