Yes I Kan Kan


We are so excited we can hardly contain ourselves. Deep breath. Exhaaaaaaale.

Instagram is mega and we love it. We have made a lot of super cool hat making friends there @hattingdon.

A particular friend we’ve made is Ms Julie of Kan Kan Hats @kankanhats. She makes the most marvelous one-of-a-kind titfers.

Ms Julie states:

“I create hats for the woman with a strong personality, who is not afraid to self express.”

Mrs Farrell has gone crazy over Kan Kan Hats. We have gone crazy over Kan Kan Hats.  Ms Julie has gone crazy over Hattingdon.

So we asked Ms Julie if Mrs Farrell could make me a hat like one of her hats, being she is a digital sort of cartoon horse therefore must have a digital sort of hat. Ms Julie said yes.

Mrs Farrell picked out one of her favourites and modeled a hat on it. Here it is. We named it Juliana in tribute.

The Hattingdon® Juliana hat created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell.
The Hattingdon® Juliana hat created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell.

7 cartoon font divider dots in black


When Ms Julie saw the Juliana hat on Instagram @hattingdon her comment was, “Beautiful”. Beautiful! How thrilling is that?


Kan Kan Hats are on Instragram @kankanhats. You don’t have to have an Instagram account. You can view Kan Kan Hats on Instagram via the internet here.

You can also find Kan Kan Hats on Facebook at

Hattingdon & Co in Hattingdon's signature cartoon font.



  1. This hat is the most popular we have posted on our Instagram account @hattingdon. So exciting. The Estonia based hatmaker whose original design was used as inspiration is delighted.

    The more poms the merrier I say!

    We have been invited to do more Kan Kan inspired hats.


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