Classic Top 20 Countdown preview

Hello there. It’s me Hattingdon, the most famous hat wearing cartoon horse in the world.

I feel like neighing all the day long, resting in a nice, dry, fragrant warm pile of hay, with my hat pulled down over my eyes and daydreaming. How about you?

But instead I am going to interview my hatmaker Mrs. Farrell about an exciting event coming very soon. It’s our top favourite twenty classic hat designs of all time countdown. The ones you our ardent classic hat fandom requested we vote on.

The Finalists

The finalists are: Alexa, April, Aspen, Becky, Candie, Chelsea, Cherie, Deidre, Donna, Eden, Erin, Genevieve, Leah, Merry, Paige, Peppermint, Savannah, Sherry, Viveca, Zara.

Let’s take a look at them in this lovely little video (it has music by the way).

Can you guess the winner?

Line of 8 Black Squares

Begin Interview

HH: Okay, now Mom…. I mean Mrs Farrell, I love the video. Don’t I look absolutely darling in all those pretty little classic hats. 

VF: Naturally!

HH: Tell our dear readers what is going on with these classic hats. What’s it all about?

VF: Since they are always debating which are the ones everyone loves most, we thought it would be fun to poll our classic hat fans — which as you pointed out are a very ardent bunch — to find out which hat would actually come out on top (so to speak).

I’ll explain how the classic hat came about at a later date for those of you new to Hattingdon.

We collated the results and made a list of the top 20 favourites out of the 35 submitted. 

In March, we are revealing their order of popularity culminating with the #1 overall favourite. Fun huh?

HH: (singing) I know. I know. I know which one it is.

VF: No, you don’t, You think you know. But you don’t know.

HH: Oh yes I do. I can read your mind. Plus I grabbed those world famous carrot and sweet potato muffins you made and took them into the office. While everyone was gobbling them down I took a quick peek at the results. So I know. I know. I know.

VF: Hattingdon. Really. I was wondering what happened to them. Well. Keep quiet about it, will you?

No. Wait.

To keep you occupied and out of trouble, you can work here and announce the results. There will be one announced per day, Monday through Friday, for the whole month of March, starting at number 20, working our way through to #1. Won’t that be fun?


By the way, the 10 year anniversary of the creation of the first ever classic hat, called Eve, is March 3rd. You can take care of that too.

HH: Oh, alright. Sigh. You and I will make it fun, won’t we dear readers?

VF: Ta-ra!

HH: Byeeeeee everybody!

Line of 8 Black Squares

End Interview

 See you back here again real soon.

x o x o x o

Hattingdon's signature in black desyrel font.



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