Flashback Friday: Calypso

It’s Friday. Hoooraaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Right?

Yes, it is I. Hattingdon the hatted one. Hi there.

Let’s have a flashback to 2009 and a cute little number that Mrs Farrell created for me that she named Calypso. I have no idea what inspired her to make this hat, but I look so darn adorable who cares.

The Calypso hat made for Hattingdon by ©Vivian Grant Farrell.
The Calypso hat made for Hattingdon by ©Vivian Grant Farrell.

Back in the day, in the very beginning, the hat was the center of attention and I wore my mane swept back.

Some people remarked to Mrs Farrell what a cute dog…. some couldn’t see that I am a horse! Anyway, she thought about it and experimented and came up with the one part of a horse no one else has and that is the horse’s distinctive mane. That is when we started styling my look including a mane of some kind.

When was that? Oh I don’t remember. I have had 100s of hats made for me over the past… count ’em TEN years. I couldn’t tell you know how we styled them all and when.

Forget about all that. Look! Do you think I look thinner in the face in this picture? Or — oh please don’t let it be so — has my face has filled out? I know I was a lot younger….!

I am off to the gym and spa after I make a quick appearance over on Instagram. Sigh. Always so much to do.

Happy Friday. Byeeeeeee!

♥ ♥ ♥ x x o x x ♥ ♥ ♥


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Post updated 1 March 2018



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