Love You on Valentine’s Day

Greetings my darling ones. I wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day.

Remember. You always have someone very special to celebrate on this day and every day — YOU!

Give yourself a card. I do. I send myself a Valentine every single year. Take yourself out, treat yourself to something special. I do. Usually a hat of course.

Love is the most powerful love magnet in the world. Loving yourself will attract love your way. I promise. I already love you. See!

The Hat

Here’s the deluxe hat Mrs. Farrell created for me this year. I feel giddy just looking at it. Wearing it? I look so sweet, so darling, so…. sigh loooooovely! You will notice I added a little spray of hearts on the other side of the hat too. You can never have too many hearts.

We named this hat Caryssa. Thank you Jane! Caryssa means beloved in Greek, among some other lovey dovey things.

Hattingdon in her Caryssa Hat. Created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell for Hattingdon Horses®.
Hattingdon in her Caryssa Hat. Created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell for Hattingdon Horses®.

Add Some Sweetness to the Day

Horses are naturally vegan. Are you? Doesn’t matter. Vegan food is totally delicious. And sexy too because it makes you feel so good.

Interested? Go to One Green Planet for their 50 Hot and Sexy Vegan Dessert Recipes for Valentine’s Day. That page doesn’t have 1.8M shares for nothing! If you love to bake, check out Dana at her Minimalmist Baker website. Her Valentine’s recipes are totally fantastic.

Love Love Love

Mrs. Farrell, who created me and makes all my headwear, adores hats and adores horses. Whatever Mrs. Farrell adores I adore too. So I adore me and all my hats (says she with a toss of her head).

Love you Mom! Happy Valentine’s Day. ♥♥♥

A Hatful of Hugs to everyone!




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