Dreaming of hats and the land of Oz

Hello again my darlings. It’s Hattingdon here. Look at wintry ol’ me sparkling in my darling Flap hat. No matter what the weather a girl just has to sparkle. And what better way than with a festive hat!

Flap Hattingdon created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell.
Flap Hattingdon created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell.

January is almost over and boy has it been unusually cold where I am. It makes me want to travel to Australia and go window shopping and visit all the magnificent hat shops and look in on my millinery mates.

There are so many fabulous Hat Artists in Australia. I have a delightful time following them on Instagram. There are all types of hats made with all sorts of festive trims — feathers, butterflies, flowers, swirling loops and on and on.

While it may be cold here, it is summer in Australia. I love to travel to Australia especially during the horse racing season. I get to see all of my wonderful friends dressed up for the races. And, of course, I fit right in when I wear one of my incredible hats.

Jockeys wearing their colorful silks. Ladies in the latest hat creations. It always inspires me. I return to Louisville with so many ideas for new hat creations and I immediately schedule an appointment with Vivian and present my wish list. And she is so clever; she can take an idea, change it, and make it perfect for me.

This has inspired me. I need a new hat. What will Vivian come up with for me? I can’t wait to find out!

In the meantime, as you can see I found my winter Flap hat. Now I can keep my ears and face warm. And just had my mane done. It is sooooo  wild and curly. I need a hay net to get it under control. Wink!

Oh. You can follow me on Instragram @hattingdon.

Bye for now. Love you.


Hattingdon in black cartoon font.


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