Happy National Hat Day

Hello there. It’s me Hattingdon. Happy National Hat Day!

I know you must be joining me in celebrating National Hat Day and have selected something very special to wear.  What? Forgot or didn’t know? Not to worry. It’s not too late. Get out there and get your hat on.

What have I selected to wear? Well, I was inspired to wear a vintage hat from 2009 called Regina. My motivation for wearing the Regina hat is the crown hats and laurel leaf headpieces seen on the current Fall/Winter runway by big fashion houses. So regally stylish. And it’s a right royal day for us hat lovers.

Without further ado here I am!

The Regina Hat. Created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell exclusively for Hattingdon®.
Created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell exclusively for Hattingdon®.

Don’t I look regal, and oh so stylish?


Millions will participate in National Hat Day.

National Day Calendar provides the following tantalizing tidbits about hats on their website:

  • Hats may be worn for safety and protection, religious reasons, ceremonial reasons, warmth or fashion.
  • In the Middle Ages, hats were an indicator of social status.
  • In the military, hats may denote one’s nationality, branch of service, rank and/or regiment.
  • A Thebes tomb painting depicts one of the first pictorials of a hat. The painting shows a man wearing a conical straw hat.
  • Structured hats for women began to be worn in the late 16th century.
  • Millinery is the designing and manufacture of hats.
  • The term “milliner” derived from the city of Milan, Italy. The best quality hats were made in Milan in the 18th century.
  • Millinery began as traditionally a woman’s occupation, as the milliner not only created hats and bonnets but also chose lace, trim and accessories to complete an outfit.
  • In the middle of the 1920s, to replace the bonnets and wide-brimmed hats, women began to wear smaller hats that hugged their heads.


Be sure to wear a hat and use #NationalHatDay to post on social media.

Love you! See you again soon.


Hattingdon in black cartoon font.

This post has been updated.


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