Happy Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas on this glorious morning.

My barn-mates were up singing carols and sharing a pot luck buffet Christmas Eve night. So they are getting started a little slower than usual this morning.

But I am up early and read to go. Every Christmas, I try to get up before everyone else so that I can fill the stockings everyone has hung in the barn. Once I put on my Kris Santa hat I will be ready.

Kris Santa suit inspired Christmas hat.

My equine friends are getting a stocking stuffed with apples, packets of raisins, and wonderful vegan pumpkin and 5 grain cookies made by my friend and milliner, Vivian. She is so wonderful to help me come up with yummy things to put in their stockings.

The barn cats have smaller stockings to fill. I got them packets of salmon, small cans of cat food, and best of all, bags filled with organic catnip. They should be happily playing and eating all day.

The barn owl is a little left out of the food festivities. Owls are predators, so he has to hunt his own food. But I do buy him some festive and shiny trinkets to hang from the barn rafters and enjoy during the Christmas season.

There are also several chickens that roost with us in the barn. So, I fill their stockings with bells made out of seed and miniature corn cobs. And for a treat, they get bananas. They are in heaven with that feast.

Once I’m finished stuffing everyone’s stockings, I take a nice rest. Then, I’m off to visit with my retired horse friends at the next farm. I bring them treats and we enjoy talking for hours about past Christmases.

Oh, look. There’s cousin Marcus who arrived just in time to join in the festivities. Isn’t he so handsome? Sigh!

Marcus Noel Hattingdon. By ©Vivian Grant Farrell exclusively for Hattingdon®.

What a celebration. I hope that you had wonderful plans for the day and got to enjoy time with your family and friends.

x o x o x o



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