Happy 10th Anniversary Curtis

Greetings on this very special day.

Curtis Hattingdon is the original, the very first Hattingdon® hat-wearing cartoon horse Vivian Grant Farrell ever created.

Today marks the 10-year anniversary of that creation and the beginning of the Hattingdon® franchise.

Farrell designed Curtis Hattingdon on December 20, 2007 in Washington, D.C. during an extended stay during Christmas time. Curtis was well received and became the forerunner of the celebrated Hattingdon® series and the Hattingdon-Grey family.

Of course Curtis did not look exactly like this when he was created 10 years.  A quiet introspective horse, Curtis likes to let his bling do the talking and is known to change his look from time to time for special occasions like this one.

Always a trend setter, Curtis is sporting a particularly fierce look today featuring textured silver and blue reflective shades and co-ordinating earring.Curtis Hattingdon Grey on his 10th Anniversary as the original Hattingdon® Horse created by © Vivian Grant Farrell.

Here is Curtis as he typically looks, seen here with his cousins Hattingdon and Marcus Grey. What a good looking family. And they’re all sparkled up for the occasion!

L to R, Curtis, Hattingdon and Marcus. By © Vivian Grant Farrell.
L to R, Curtis, Hattingdon and Marcus. Created by © Vivian Grant Farrell.


To learn more about Curtis and his fabulous family, read their Hat-Story right here on this website. You will find out who they are, how they came to be and much more.

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