Classic calendar Christmas clash

HATTINGDON HOUSE (by Staff) — There has been a clash over the Christmas hat design selected for December in our brand new Hattingdon® Classic Hat Calendar.

When we tallied the votes, the Merry hat design squeaked in just ahead of the Peppermint hat design. We conducted a recount at your request. The result was the same. Merry came out ahead of Peppermint by a very small but clear margin.

So that no one is disappointed we created a second calendar — exactly the same — but featuring Peppermint in December.

Now you can get either the calendar featuring Merry in December or Peppermint in December.

To help you make sure you get the one you want, here are links to both. No need to wait. Buy it now in confidence. The calendar is set for 2018.



Hattingdon Classic Hat Calendar

Hattingdon Classic Hat Calendar
by Hattingdon

Whew! That’s sorted. Looks like we are good to go. Happy New Year. Ooops. Not yet. But it’s closer than you think.


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