Royal Ascot Ladies Day hat revealed

Hattingdon has been putting a brave face on things ever since Royal Ascot. Only now has she revealed what has been bothering her. Officials refused to admit Hattingdon to the royal enclosure on the grounds that she is a horse.

“A horse?”, snorts Hattingdon. “What has that to do with anything? I was properly dressed. Nothing was said when I got my race pass”.

Seems that other things most unpleasant arose, “but I refuse to go into the details of that”, states the queen of hatted horses.

“Let’s just say I never got to see Her Majesty the Queen and Her Majesty the Queen never got to see me. I was so counting on it. The Queen would have wanted to see me. She loves hats and she loves horses and she would most certainly have loved me”.

Can we talk about your Royal Ascot hat now Hattingdon and at least show it off to your fans?

“Oh, yes. Let’s do. My fans — of which there are so many and who truly love me — deserve to see me in my rather fabulous Royal Ascot hat.”

Hattingdon wears a saucer hat in rings of vivid green, crisp white and cornflower blue.  The hat is festooned with three plump feathers nestled snugly under the right side of the hat in the same green and blue plus another in a vivid pink giving it a vibrant, playful look. Matching pink nosebobs complete the look. Created by © Vivian Grant Farrell exclusively for Hattingdon®.

We named Hattingdon’s 2017 Royal Ascot Ladies Day hat “Gay” in honour of Gay Kelleway, the last female jockey to ride a Royal Ascot winner 30 years ago in 1987 in the Queen Alexandra Stakes, reports the Guardian.

The Guardian continues:

Now a trainer, Kelleway has named her Newmarket base Queen Alexandra Stables, a permanent reminder of her moment of Ascot glory. She feels that attitudes towards women in racing have changed significantly in the interim, so that talented female jockeys can have real hope of success. The sport was more resistant to that concept in her day, she says. “They were very anti-women, all the hoorays. I used to get verbal stick from assistant trainers who are mostly training now. I remember all the names.”

Good on ya Gay. Hattingdon has a long memory too!

The Hattingdon® Gay Design Ladies Day Royal Ascot hat 2017 created by © Vivian Grant Farrell exclusively for Hattingdon.


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