Eye Gotcha

Hattingdon Nose

Remember the Hattingdon nose design that went viral on campuses across the country last year with the legend, “Hattingdon nose …? You had to be “in the know” to know what it was all about. It was most popular on buttons, keychains and tees.


There was even a Christmas version!


Hattingdon Eye

Well, the focus on Hattingdon’s nose has taken a little turn and now it’s all about Hattingdon’s eye. The legend is, “Eye gotcha …”

Trending. Stickers and buttons are appearing everywhere. Key chains are being attached to handbags and backpacks. Tees, tanks and mugs are very popular too.











Eye Gotcha Prizes

Send us an Eye Gotcha selfie or share an Eye Gotcha selfie on a social media platform and send us the link with your name and email address to enter into a special prize drawing. Lots of goodies to choose from.

Glad you are having so much fun. That’s what Hattingdon is all about. She is a keen smile maker.



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