Go shopping with Belle and special bags made by your request

I never quite know what’s going to capture your imagination and often surprised and always delighted when something I create does.

In this instance, we were looking for something cute and fun to draw your attention to the link to Hattingdon’s online store. I was really stumped while I sat there staring at an open Photoshop window.

Then I thought to myself, begin at the beginning. I decided that was a shopping cart. So I made one. Now what, I asked myself.

Then this question popped into my head. Well, what do you want people to do with this shopping cart? Hmmm. Well, the answer to that has to be — put a Hattingdon in it. So I grabbed Belle, our #1 seller, and stuck her in there.

Belle Hattingdon Shopping Cart. © Vivian Grant Farrell.
Belle Hattingdon Shopping Cart. © Vivian Grant Farrell.

I immediately burst out laughing, so much so I startled the cats. Laughter like that is always a good sign.

Within in a few hours of putting the Belle shopping cart artwork on the blog, you began to write us about it.

We agree. The obvious choice is to put this design on shopping bags. So here they are. If you want a tote let us know.

Reusable Shopping Bag — $10.45 (image both sides); $6.95 (image on one side)
Made with a lightweight polyester fabric, this bag folds easily to fit in your purse or pocket.


Baggu Reusable Shopping Bag — $25.60


In case you are new to Baggu bags, they are made by a Brooklyn based company and are fabulous. Last forever! Here’s more:

The Standard BAGGU is crafted in durable, ripstop nylon and is designed to be carried in your hand or over your shoulder. The perfectly sized bag can be used as a shopping tote, book bag, or a purse, designed to be used wherever the day takes you. The reusable BAGGU can hold 2 to 3 plastic grocery bags worth of items, and folds flat into a five-inch pouch when not in use.

and a testimonial by a long-time Baggu owner:

I’ve owned a plain bag made just like this since 1986 and it’s still in my backpack, ready to be whipped out to carry whatever. So I ordered this one knowing that the bag itself would be great.

Now you can have a custom Baggu with a Hattingdon on it. As of this writing you get 30% off sitewide at Zazzle with code SURPRISEDEAL.

If you want a design other than Belle, we will create it for you and send you the link. Let us know here.

Happy shopping!

Vivian's first name written out.


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