The Hattingdon Family Tree

Updated Jan. 14, 2017 12:33 pm

Hattingdon Horses™ is a group of hat wearing cartoon horses created by Vivian Grant Farrell.

How much do you know about the Hattingdon® family tree?

Well there’s Hattingdon of course. She goes simply by Hattingdon. She doesn’t use her first name because she got teased a lot about it as a filly. We’ll leave it there. But she also likes the name Hattingdon a lot as it is very descriptive of who she is and what she does.

And here she is. She decided she didn’t want to wear a gold beret after all and switched to a “kale green” beret.

Hattingdon® in Kale Green Beret. © Vivian Grant Farrell.

Anyway, Hattingdon is an only child (though I hear she may have a half sister out there) but she has lots of cousins.

The cousins she keeps up with the most are the Greys. The Greys live on the West Coast.

There’s cousin Curtis Hattingdon Grey who is actually the first Hattingdon ever on the scene, right before our dear girl Hattingdon emerged.

Curtis Hattingdon. © Vivian Grant Farrell.

Then there’s their cousin Marcus Hattingdon Grey.

Marcus Hattingdon. © Vivian Grant Farrell.

I see he is wearing a navy ballcap today with a burnished gold letter and key. Now that’s glitz.

Not long after we met Marcus he introduced his little sister Jada.

However, Jada was very shy so she didn’t stay around long but she recently made a reappearance.

Jada Hattingdon Grey. © Vivian Grant Farrell.

As you see, Jada is wearing her mane differently in soft waves as is the fashion for her age. We’ll see if she sticks with it.

How fun to have them all around again. See you again soon.

Vivian's first name written out.

PS Hey Jeremy and Marie. Our email to you bounced. The hex code for the kale green of Hattingdon’s beret is #5A7247 sourced here. The hex code for Marcus’ gorgeous deep blue ballcap is Photoshop swatch #002157. Hugs, Hattingdon.

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