Countdown 2016: Hattingdon® Top Ten Designs — #1

Top Ten Designs Artwork 2017

Greetings from Vivian. It is time to reveal the #1 top selling Hattingdon® design of 2016.

As much as I love this little hat wearing cartoon horse, this particular design is very dear to my heart. Many of you have joined me in falling in love with it.

I created it for the City of Louisville and named it after its famous riverboat.

The design features a picture hat made in royal blue. It has a round dome. The girlish, upswept brim is edged in gold.

Hattingdon’s luxurious mane is gently twirled and held in place with matching gold fleur de lis clasps.

Matching royal blue nosebobs completes the look.

I knew this design was special when I created it but it never occurred to me it would be as popular as it has, both nationally and internationally, from Louisville to New Orleans to Paris.

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to Hattingdon’s #1 selling design overall in 2016.

The crown goes to . . .

Hattingdon® Top Sellers Artwork — No. 1.

The Belle hat design created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell for Hattingdon Horses®
The Belle hat design created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell for Hattingdon Horses®

Congratulations Belle!

We hope you have enjoyed this countdown and will stay with us. Next week we will be hosting our first ever Hatful of Smiles™ Awards.

See you then.

Vivian's first name written out.



    1. Jane, I completely agree. I have a Belle T-Shirt that I love to wear. I get all kinds of compliments — because Hattingdon is so cute in this beautiful fleur-de-lis design.


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