Countdown 2016: Hattingdon® Top Ten Designs — #2

Top Ten Designs Artwork 2017

Hello and welcome back.

We are about to reveal the #2 Top Ten Winning Design for 2016 based on units sold.

Anyone remember that song from the 70s by the Kiki Dee Band that was famously covered by Thelma Houston, “I’ve got the music in me”?

Well, Hattingdon has the music in her which is noted on a very special and incredibly popular hat.

That’s about as big a hint as you will probably ever find around here!

Without further ado let me introduce you to our high climbing #2 winner.

Hattingdon® Top Sellers Artwork — No. 2.

Cadence Hattingdon® created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell.

The simplicity of this design and the sweetness of the hat shape suits Hattingdon so well. She looks absolutely adorable. And her fans agree.

This was a huge seller in 2016. At one point we thought this design may turn out to be our #1 overall seller.

It was a close race. There were only a couple hundred units or so between them.

However, the Cadence design couldn’t top our #1 seller. No one could.

When we meet again on Saturday we will reveal the #1 winning design to you.

Until then, may you always have a hatful of smiles.



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