Countdown 2016: Hattingdon® Top Ten Designs — #4

Top Ten Designs Artwork 2017

Based on units sold, here is 2016’s top selling Hattingdon® design coming in at #4.

This design has been at #1 for the past five years. But with all the ascending lights in the Hattingdon® firmament of hats it was becoming increasingly challenging for this design to stay at the very top.

Still, the design is much loved and widely popular and we are sure it always will be.

You think you know now don’t you? Let’s see if you are right.

Hattingdon® Top Sellers Artwork — No. 4.


Star Hattingdon®.

Well done Star!

Only the top three left to reveal. Then we are on to the first annual Hatful of Smiles™ Awards! Stay tuned.


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