Happy Christmas from Hattingdon

We told you we had something special for you for Christmas, and here she is. Happy Christmas from me and Hattingdon.

MACY. © Hattingdon®.  All Rights Reserved.
MACY. © Hattingdon®. All Rights Reserved.

Inspiration Behind the Macy Hattingdon® Christmas Hat Design

When I was a girl my Dad took me to Macy’s in midtown Manhattan at Christmas. It was so colorful and exciting from the outside I could hardly wait to see what was on the inside.

As we entered, some of the first departments we saw were jewelry and perfume. At the entrance to the Perfume Department my eyes lit at the gorgeous ladies standing there giving out samples. What glamour!

They wore short red velvet dresses with plunging necklines trimmed in white (fake) fur, fishnet stockings and patent leather high heels. But they didn’t have on Santa hats. They had on hats made of elegantly wrapped Christmas gift boxes with enormous red velvet bows worn at a jaunty angle. I can see them in my mind’s eye as if it were yesterday.

Here’s wishing you a Christmas full of colorful and joyful memories and a hatful of smiles from Hattingdon and I.

Much love,

Signed Vivian


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