Hattingdon has a Foxxie (old) new friend

It’s been all kinds of madness on the interwebs and beyond. Did you recover in time from Thanksgiving to hit the streets to shop the bricks and mortar? Or have you been recuperating at home, waiting for the cyber sales? We were (only just) ready. We appreciate your business. Thank you.

While on the hunt for a retired design for a friend, I came across something I had not seen in years.

At the time I created it, I was envisioning Hattingdon having “friends”, such as a rabbit, a hound, a cat and a fox. All wearing hats of course.

I never got ’round to the others but I did create a fox. In 2007 the file information informed me. 2007! I remember thinking I would name him Foxxingdon since Foxxie appeared to be taken. Checking on that. Hope he makes you smile.

Foxxingdon. © Vivian Grant Farrell.
Foxxingdon. © Vivian Grant Farrell.


I have put Foxxingdon on a few things, just in case you want him. Make it your own. You can customize everything in our shop.

I am showing you a brief selection of kids clothing but at Zazzle there are 100+ types and styles of clothing for all ages. Truly!

Here’s a few other items.

If you want something else, let me know.


PS There’s still plenty of mind blowing sales going on. Shop Hattingdon »


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