Hattingdon® Christmas Hat Countdown — #4

Updated 3:43 pm

This adorable Hattingdon design cruised into the number #4 spot last Christmas.

The design is inspired by Santa’s red suit too but in a completely different way.

Let’s see. It’s red. Check. It is trimmed in fluffy stuff (no fur for Hattingdon). Double check.

It has hat ties which are trending all over the place this year. And as you will soon see the ties have fluffy stuff on them too.

I named this Hattingdon hat after Mrs. Claus whose first name according to a Christmas cartoon is Clara.

Did I mention Hattingdon is wearing a golden jingle bell earring?

Here is Hattingdon in all her cuteness wearing the Clara design.

The Clara Hattingdon design.
The Clara Hattingdon design.

Look at this scarf. $22.50 (not incl. s&h)

I am usually not very good at predicting what designs will take off or trend but I have a feeling that the Clara design will be our biggest Christmas hat seller for 2016.

We’ll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, we have three more Christmas hats to look at in our top ten countdown.

Up tomorrow we will look at #3. This design has been #1 in previous years but got knocked off the top spot in 2015. #2 has been a perennial favorite and makes me think of home. And #1? Won’t be long now!

See you again soon.


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