Hattingdon® Christmas Hat Countdown — #7

The design coming in at #7 in popularity according to sales figures from last year is a perennial favorite of Hattingdon’s Christmas hats and has been around the longest. We are not quite sure of the date.

We didn’t know there were going to be 100s of Hattingdon designs so we did not record when they were created. In most cases we have to go by upload dates to have a clue about the year.

What is amazing to me is I can remember almost every one by name.

And the name of this Christmas classic hat design’s name couldn’t be more appropriate. Have you guessed yet? Of course you have because you can already see it, right? Ho, ho, ho!

Here’s Hattingdon . . .

The Peppermint Hattingdon Design.
The Peppermint Hattingdon Design.

Hattigdon models the hat with a co-ordinating peppermint stick in her mouth. Most festive.

Okay. We are heading to #6 and it is one of my all time favorites. I’m always saying that aren’t I, laugh out loud?

I got it on a sweatshirt the year the design was introduced and have worn it every Christmas since. Have you guessed which one it is?

Here’s another clue. It’s also one my favorite Hattingdon hat types.


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