Hattingdon® Christmas Hat Countdown — #10

I know it’s early but you asked for it. It seems the Christmas season starts the day after Halloween instead of the day after Thanksgiving.

Hattingdon has 10 Christmas hats. Over the next 10 days we will count them down for you, ranked according to popularity based on sales in 2015.

It is a closely run race too.

Coming in at #10 we have . . .

The Merry Hattingdon Design.
The Merry Hattingdon Design.



The Merry Hattingdon design features Hattingdon’s signature classic hat silhouette of a rounded crown and softly tapered brim, created here in a vivacious red.

The Merry hat also has a medium wide black hatband with a double row of white stitching. The top of the crown features two holly leaves in white fixed with a small black button.

The Merry design was introduced in 2009, retired in 2011 and brought back in 2014.

Merry Christmas with Merry Hattingdon!


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