What a Treat. Hattingdon that is.

Hello, Happy Friday and welcome back.

If you follow us you know that the two designs competing as the all time #1 seller are Star and Belle Hattingdon. That is since those two designs were introduced.

In the beginning there was only Curtis Hattingdon so he was number one. But he was quickly joined by many other designs.

Harper was our second design and also very, very popular.

Then along came the classic hats and Aspen Hattingdon was an immediate hit.

In addition to the classic hat designs I was also creating ballcaps, fashion hats and specialty hats.

Then a ballcap design jumped out in front and stayed at number one until Star and Belle came along.

Who was that? Treat (or Got Treats?) Hattingdon.

Treat Hattingdon. Got Treats?
Treat Hattingdon. Got Treats?


Treat Hattingdon wears a vivid orange ballcap with stitching detail on the front of the crown. A richly hued brim and nosebobs in green complete the look. But that’s not all.

Horses love treats and cartoon horses are no exception. Look! Hattingdon has snagged a big crunchy carrot.


This design always takes off during during Trick or Treating time. What a cute look to wear a tee or sweatshirt and carry a matching tote bag for your treats — hence the alternative name “Got Treats”.

Here’s how the Treat design looks on a sampling of products. Remember. This is just a sampling. There are many styles and options. Click to see!

Baby T-Shirt Dress

Toddler Pullover Hoodie

Got Treats? T-shirt
Got Treats? T-shirt by Hattingdon
Look at Hattingdon T-Shirts online at Zazzle.com

Adult Tee

Treat by Hattingdon
Browse more Hattingdon T-Shirts at Zazzle

Jumbo Tote (with or without text) — more types and sizes too.

Treat Large Tote Bag
Treat Large Tote Bag by Hattingdon
Look at other Hattingdon Bags at zazzle.com

Professional Photo Print

Mugs (with or without text)

Treat by Hattingdon
Design your own photo mugs with text at Zazzle

Custom Greeting Card (blank inside)

Treat by Hattingdon
Shop for Hattingdon Cards online at Zazzle.com

Custom Invitation

Treat by Hattingdon
View other Hattingdon Invitations at Zazzle.com

Rectangular Photo Magnet

Treat by Hattingdon
Check out more Hattingdon Magnets at Zazzle

Reusable Grocery Bags

Treat by Hattingdon
Shop for grocery bags online at Zazzle

If you have been following us you also know I am pillow mad. Couldn’t resist!

Throw Pillow

Treat by Hattingdon
Shop now for pillows


All of these products are customizable (as is everything in Hattingdon’s Zazzle Shop), made and shipped out directly to you by Zazzle, the leading made-to-order online retailer. Learn more here » and here »

Bye for now.

Vivian's first name written out.


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