The Olympia ballcap has arrived at the request of a special friend

Hattingdon’s dear friend Melissa who lives in Ojai, California has been a supporter since Hattingdon was officially launched in January 2008.

Melissa has also been a Hattingdon Collector’s Card subscriber since its inaugural year of 2012 and helped raise many dollars to rescue endangered horses, the reason Hattingdon was created.

She has been following our adventures in hat design over the last couple of days regarding our Olympic designs and says she has been highly amused at the to-ing and fro-ing concerning them. You will see what I mean as you scroll down.

In the meantime, Melissa requested to see Hattingdon in a ballcap with a high rounded crown and slim brim in Melissa’s favorite color combination of Hattingdon teal and tomato red featuring the Olympics rings (this is our last hurrah with that!) in white.

Here’s your wish Melissa as described.

Olympia Hattingdon Ballcap. © Vivian Grant Farrell.
Olympia Hattingdon Ballcap. © Vivian Grant Farrell.

And Hattingdon is looking totally adorable. Great choice!

Because the design features the Olympic rings of course we cannot – and would not – place it on merchandise or in any way promote or sell it.

This is just for fun to look at and enjoy. The end!

Hattingdon Hugs to you all,

Vivian's first name written out.
Cheers, Vivian


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