Hattingdon looks bright as Rio for the Olympics

Last Updated 8/5 2:15 am.

Hattingdon loves the Olympics and just had to get into the spirit of things.

Instead of sporting the games’ iconic rings on a hat Hattingdon decided to wear a cool scarf and some fashionably large Olympic inspired shades.

Just for fun. For obvious reasons it’s not for sale.


After posting the original design I had a flurry of emails saying you think the design looks strange because the lenses are not dark enough. I see what you mean. What do you think of this? I have gone as dark as I can and still be able to make out the black ring. Oh, a lot of you didn’t like the earbob but left it anyway.

Olympia Rio design created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell for Hattingdon Horses®.
Olympia Rio design with turquoise scarf created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell for Hattingdon Horses®.

Other Feedback

Here are what some of the emails said about our first attempt:

“Nice try but a bit tragic.”

“I want to like it because I think this horse is truly cute but nah, not feeling this”.

“Just strange”.

“Nope. Don’t like it . . . at all. Nice job on the rings tho. Shoulda stopped there.”

“I don’t know how you made something so cute look so weird but you did”.

And those who liked it.

“I think Olympia rocks. Yes! Love her”.

“I can see why you can’t sell it but if you could I would def get this and wear it all thru the O’s”.

“Why are people being so mean I think it’s cute. But I don’t think I would buy this one for myself”.

“Back to the drawing board again for you again, ha, ha.”

So we decided to change the scarf colour to see if that helped — a suggestion by one of Hattingdon’s dedicated German fans — and that did make a bit of a difference.

Olympia Rio hot pink design created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell for Hattingdon Horses®.
Olympia Rio design with hot pink scarf created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell for Hattingdon Horses®.

Hmmmm. Well? Some of you took the time to write back and say you still hated it (some saying she still looks sinister), or that it was a big improvement. Thanks! Truly. Call us crazy but we love feedback and interacting with you.

Whew! How about a bit of “rings” history?

Story of the Rings

Do you know the story behind the Olympic rings?

The Olympic website tells us:

“The Olympic symbol consists of five interlaced rings of equal dimensions, used alone, in one or in five different colours, which are, from left to right, blue, yellow, black, green and red. The Olympic symbol (the Olympic rings) expresses the activity of the Olympic Movement and represents the union of the five continents and the meeting of athletes from throughout the world at the Olympic Games.

“But watch out, it is wrong to say that each of the colours corresponds to a certain continent!

In fact, when Pierre de Coubertin created the Rings in 1913, the five colours combined with the white background represented the colours of the flags of all nations at that time, without exception”.

Who can use the Olympic rings? I believe we comply. But maybe only just!

See you again soon.

Vivian's first name written out.

P.S. I have a surprise for you. Couldn’t sleep so got up and made a new Olympic hat. It’s queued up for tomorrow morning. Night night!


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