August is for celebrating golf and peaches and Hattingdon has a hat for both

Updated 1:55 pm

August is National Golf Month and National Peach Month among others. I am not sure why these two caught Hattingdon’s attention.

National Golf Month

Hattingdon has a hat at the ready for National Golf Month. This design is from 2014.

Cristie Hattingdon.
Cristie Hattingdon.

National Peach Month

For National Peach Month, that was a different story. How surprising to discover that Hattingdon did not have a single peach colored hat in her collection.

Then I began thinking about the color peach. There are so many tints from yellow to pink to orange.

I came across this:

“The etymology of the color peach (and the fruit): the word comes from the Middle English peche, derived from Middle French, in turn derived from Latin persica, i.e., the fruit from Persia. In actuality, the ultimate origin of the peach fruit was from China. The first written use of peach as a color name in English was in 1588”. [1]

I wasn’t crazy about the shades I was seeing. I wanted something more vibrant. So I went with this.

Peaches Hattingdon.
Peaches Hattingdon.

After I created Hattingdon’s “Peaches” hat I searched for images of the fruit instead of the color. And this is what I found.

Peaches. Unattributed Google search result.
Peaches. Unattributed Google search result.

I don’t know what it looks like on your screen or monitor, but uncanny, huh? Not yet for sale. If you would like to buy this design email us for a custom link.

If you hop over to National Day Calendar you will find all sorts of fun ideas that have a national day set aside for celebrating. Some ideas are celebrated for a whole a week or month.

August Monthly Observations

Here’s the full list from National Day Calendar:

    National Crayon Collection Month
    Family Fun Month
    National Catfish Month
    National Eye Exam Month
    National Golf Month
    National Peach Month
    National Water Quality Month
    Romance Awareness Month

Now I think I can guess why Hattingdon picked the two that she did!

Thanks for stopping by. See you again soon.


Vivian Grant Farrell
Creator, Hattingdon Horses


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