Too hot for a hat? Not for Hattingdon.

Hattingdon says it’s never too hot to wear a hat. You simply must be sensible about it.

Hattingdon dove into her hat-rack and came up with these lovely looks.

Cherry baby. Hattingdon peeks out from a black fascinator hat edged in soft semi-circles and embellished with a delightful sprig of three luscious red cherries. Delicious!

Cherry Hattingdon.
Cherry Hattingdon.


Always pretty in pink — and a color Hattingdon loves — isn’t this a lovely look? This open top hat made up of large connecting flowers has easily carried over from Spring into Summer.

Petal Pink Hattingdon
Petal Pink Hattingdon


Sometimes only a bucket hat will do although Hattingdon usually wears one only when gardening or nipping out to the shops. Of course, she wears it well and looks darling.

Mia Hattingdon Blue
Mia Hattingdon Blue


How about something a bit more glamorous? Hattingdon swept her mane back and put on this 60’s inspired frothy creation. Adorable! Why does this design put me in mind of Jean Shrimpton?

Bubbles Hattingdon
Bubbles Hattingdon


Now this may be breaking the rules just a bit.

It’s a head covering but not exactly a hat. But doesn’t Hattingdon look classy in this vivid red polka dotted head scarf wrapped around her head and tied to one side.

Hattingdon has added golden rimmed Jackie O size sunglasses to protect those big beautiful eyes.

I see she has added a beauty spot too. Ooh la la!

Skylar Hattingdon Red
Skylar Hattingdon Red


We hope you enjoyed Hattingdon’s hot weather fashion hat show.

Stay cool.

Vivian Grant Farrell
Creator, Hattingdon Horses®

Hattingdon Horses Golden Sun Logo


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