Make your space as pretty as a picture postcard with Hattingdon

Hanging Postcard Project with Hattingdon Horses
Hanging Postcard Project with Hattingdon Horses. Top to Bottom: Belle, Cadence and Petal Hattingdon.

Hattingdon Horses Logo in TealDo you have a favorite picture frame hanging around and wish you could think of something interesting or pretty to do with it?

How about a bit of gold wire, twine or beading left over from the holidays? Some left over wrapping paper or favorite piece of fabric?

You will need a hole punch for the first project. Some glue or putty for the second. A ruler and a pencil will be handy for both.

Last and certainly not least, you need an assortment of picture postcards — particularly some Hattingdon postcards — and you are on your way to livening up your space.


1. Gather your postcards together. You can use multiple sizes.

2. Sort them out and make a template for each size. Tip: I use shoe boxes because they are just the right thickness. Measure and punch holes in all four corners in each of your templates.

3. Place the appropriate sized template over each of your postcards and mark each circle lightly with a pencil.

4. Punch holes in your postcards.

5. Join them together with the beading, twine, ribbon, wire etc. of your choice. Oh, and hang them up!

Since you can do this in as many rows as you want (and as short or long as you want too), use standard size postcards for one and another row with larger ones, alternating them as you hang them for added interest.

If you want to do the same with greeting cards I suggest you cut them using a paper cutter for a perfectly straight edge or a craft knife and ruler. Make a light mark first with a ruler and pencil.


Sample framed Hattingdon Horses postcards.
Sample framed Hattingdon Horses postcards.

1. Make a backing for your postcards by cutting a piece of cardboard that will fit neatly inside the glass of your picture frame.

2. Choose a lightweight covering for your backing such as a favorite sheet of wrapping paper or a piece of fabric such as a textured material. Place the covering on the backing, fold it over the edges and secure it. I prefer to use tape.

3. Lay your postcards on the covered backing. Once you have know where you want them, adhere them to your covered backing with just enough craft glue to keep them from shifting when you put them in the frame. If your postcards are important to you stick them on with a bit of bluestik or reusable putty.

4. Place your postcard art in the frame and hang it.

This can be done with greeting cards as they are.

MORE IDEAS have loads of other ideas, so check them out too.


Send us a picture of how you use Hattingdon postcards to decorate your space and win a surprise gift from Hattingdon. Email us with a good size photograph here in .jpg or .png only please.


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