Star and the history of the cowboy hat

When it comes to hats, few make such a distinctive statement as the cowboy hat.

The cowboy hat is widely popular around the world but will always be associated with the wild west of America.

This popularity has put Star Hattingdon at the top of our all time best seller’s list since the year the design was first introduced September 5, 2010 and 2015 was no exception.

Star Hattingdon created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell.
Star Hattingdon® created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell.

Line of 8 Black Squares

The Design

Star Hattingdon wears a cowboy hat in rich black with a blue hatband and a big five-point star front and center of the crown. Matching blue nosebobs.

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Cowboy Hat-story

Hattingdon isn’t the only one who has a hat-story. So does the cowboy hat, and an interesting one.

There are several ideas on how the cowboy hat came into being.

We like this from Here’s what they say:

There are a couple of versions of how the cowboy hat was born.

One version goes back to the early 1800’s, and that the cowboy hat evolved from the Sombrero. The story goes that cattle herders, arriving from the East to work on the plains, adopted the sombrero and remodelled it into the cowboy hat that is still currently worn today.

So, the first “cowboys” were the Spanish/Mexican herders of the Southwest. The favored hat of the Mexican vaquero was a broad rimmed hat with a high peaked crown, many times decorated with design stitching. The size of the largest brim was 30 galleon, which the new cowboys from the East called “30 Gallon”.

The second version of the invention of the cowboy hat goes to none other than John B. Stetson. It seems that John ventured westward due to health problems, looking for a drier climate. During a hunting trip, Stetson was showing off to friends that he could make cloth from fur, without weaving. Stetson then took the cloth, and fashioned a large hat, with an enormous brim, noting that this hat was so big, it would protect a man from any element known to man.

Stetson wore the hat as a joke for the remainder of the trip, but it actually worked so well, when he returned home to Philadelphia, he decided to manufacture a hat liking to his original idea. In 1865, he began to produce the big cowboy hats in number, and before long, the original Stetson hat that sold for five dollars was known as the cowboy hat.

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