Spring/Summer 2016 Headwear Trends — is Hattingon au courant?

The list below was posted on Fashioner’s website on December 1, 2015 but we were too busy with Christmas — as were we all — to give this proper attention.

I love what I am seeing. We know Hattingdon is totally devoted to wearing hats. But is she au courant? Let’s see.

There are 13 altogether:

• #1 Brimmed Hats are Ruling
Loads of those. But fedoras rule. Bring on Cagney (6 color choices).

Cagney Hattingdon Tan
Cagney Hattingdon Tan

• #2 The Craze for Buckets
We got ’em. In our shop right now. The “Mia” design line. Go there. Then come right back.

Mia Hattingdon Teal.
Mia Hattingdon Teal.

• #3. Wearing baseball caps backward and forward.
Sideways and front on. Hattingdon won’t be seen wearing one backwards I don’t think.

Curtis Hattingdon
Curtis Hattingdon

• #4. Stylish french berets.
Hattingdon has a lovely collection. See the Bonnie Design line.

Bonnie Hattingdon Blue.
Bonnie Hattingdon Blue.

• #5. Elegant Pork Pies/Boaters Hats
We have been thinking a lot about pork pie hats lately and have one in development as we speak. Surprised to see this hat style on this list. But just about every type of hat seems to be. We like that. Wear. More. Hats!

• #6 Hats Camoflaging the Eyes
No. Can’t see Hattingdon wearing anything that hides those beautiful, big eyes or luxuriant lashes.

• #7 Topless Hats Totally Spring
We have looked at this hat style too. Not sure we will see Hattingdon in a topless hat. What do you think?

• 8. Cool Hoods Are in.
I asked. No, was the reply.

• 9. Knitted and Crocheted Hats
We really like the look of these but not sure Hattingdon much interested. You have to worry about getting caught in the rain.

• 10. Beach Ready Straw Hats
Now Hattingdon loves a straw hat. Hattingdon is a horse. Horses love straw.

• 11. Feminine Headscarves.
Yes! I bet you didn’t think Hattingdon had any headscarves but she does. And there’s more on the way.

Skylar Hattingdon Black
Skylar Hattingdon Black

• 12. Matchy Matchy everyhing.
They are talking about shoes, handbag, hat . . . all accessories matching. Hattingdon is strictly hats.

• 13. Eccentric and Off-Killer Hat
Not sure what off-killer refers to but Hattingdon has some eccentric hats. We call them novelty hats.

See you again soon.

Vivian Written Out

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