Have buckets of fun with Hattingdon bucket hats

Bucket hats first caught my attention when I saw a piece on them in the November 2015 issue of Vogue magazine.

I immediately got excited about the prospect of creating some for Hattingdon. I knew if bucket hats were trendy enough for Vogue to write about she would definitely want some.

Here’s what Vogue wrote:

The bucket hat is here again, thanks in no small part to cult streetwear brand and CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund co-winner Gypsy Sport, whose Spring ’16 collection stayed true to its roots (it started off as a headwear label based in Harlem) and inclination toward the outré. While Gypsy Sport’s eclectic straw-trim, ruffled versions won’t be hitting stores until spring, this lightweight hat will tide you over meanwhile. It’s surprisingly wearable in the cooler months, and there are myriad chic options to give your winter look a touch of androgynous élan.

The key to wearing the ’90s style now is to keep the materials and color palette seasonally appropriate—think heavier fabrics like corduroy or denim, and solid colors or subtle plaid patterns that evoke a ’70s-style collegiate aesthetic rather than a day at the beach. With its tomboyish heritage and unpretentious charm, this unusual topper is irreverent and cool in all the right ways.

Being November and everyone well into the Christmas season, I created some bucket hats for Hattingdon but waited for a less hectic time to introduce them to you.

I have named the Hattingdon bucket hat design line “Mia”.

First I created an argyle inspired diamond stripe pattern and did them in four colors: black, dark blue, jade green and Hattingdon’s favorite teal; then a frosty blue bucket hat with three chunky snowflakes across the front; and for my dear friend Christine in Houston, a Texas State flag inspired combo of blue crown with white five point star and red brim.

The curve of the brim makes that sweet face of Hattingdon’s look very sweet indeed doesn’t it? She always makes me chuckle. What a delight to work with.

I am creating more bucket hats for Spring and Summer so watch for those.

So far, what do you think? If you don’t see your favorite color here, let me know and I will fix you right up.

Vivian Written Out

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