Top Ten Selling Products for 2015

Whew! Now we have completed our top ten selling Hattingdon® designs of 2015, what were you buying them on?

Here’s a top ten list of what Hattingdon shoppers bought throughout 2015. We have ranked them in order of popularity according to our sales figures.


1 Greeting Cards
2 Invitations
3 Posters
4 Photo Prints
5 Postage
6 Gift Labels*
7 Clothing (tees, tanks, sweatshirts, all sizes, women, girls, boys, men)
8 Tote Bags
9 Photo Magnets
10 Mugs

*Gift labels are made from shipping labels. Shoppers customize them to use as shipping labels too.

How about that? We are finally done with a look back at 2015 and what designs you loved most and what you loved them on. Thank you!

We have a lot of new Hattingdon designs to show you. So stay tuned!

Love, Hattingdon & Co.

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