Top Selling Designs of 2015: Number 1

Hattingdon Horses Top Ten Designs of 2015.

Well, we have gathered the receipts, tabulated the sales and put together a list of the top selling designs for the year 2015. And counting them down for you over the past several days.

We have finally arrived at the moment when we are ready to crown our number one seller who just happens also to be our number one seller of all time.

Without further ado, that’s right . . it is —

Star Hattingdon®.
Star Hattingdon®.

Congratulations Star!

As I state in Star’s shop description, “Star is a star among stars in the Hattingdon Horses firmament of star hats!”

That wraps up this year’s countdown. I hope you enjoyed it. It has certainly been fun for us.

There are so many popular designs, we may expand our countdown to Hattingdon’s Top Twenty next year. What do you think? Would you like to see that many?

Thanks again. Next up. Our Top Ten Selling products. Then back to business as usual! Bye for now.

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