Top Selling Designs of 2015: Number 2

Hattingdon Horses Top Ten Designs of 2015.

This design has always been popular enjoying a good following and racking up an impressive number of sales year after year.

But 2015 was a stellar year for this design coming in at number 2, just inching past Belle.

This look is pure equestrian. It never really goes out of style and its influence is seen in all manner of things.

You know who it is now, don’t you?

Hunter Hattingdon
Hunter Hattingdon

This is a super looking design and is great on all types of products. It is equally wonderful for wearing and decorating.

We sell a lot of the Hunter design on photoprints and posters and is our number one selling decal.

So. Tomorrow is the big day. Stay tuned, as we roll out our number 1 overall top selling design.

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