Designer pillow with Bonnie Artiste

Designer Pillow with Bonnie Artiste Hattingdon by Vivian.
Designer Pillow with Bonnie Artiste Hattingdon by Vivian.

I can’t seem to stop designing pillows. They are just so much fun.

Bonnie Artiste has always been one my very favorite designs and I wanted to do something really fun and special with her.

As you can see, I edged the design in black and placed it against an argyle inspired pattern of crisp teal and white, criss-crossed in red and black. I put the argyle pattern on its own on the reverse side of the pillow.

You can of course customize it to your own taste.

Perhaps you would prefer a solid background of say, a matching teal. If you do, remove the pattern which is an image.

Next, click on the ink dropper where the color palette is, then click on advanced and type in the hex code for Hattingdon teal which is #339999.

Do the same on the reverse, or leave the pattern for an alternate look, doubling your pillow’s decorating power.

If you would like me to customize a pillow for you, we are just an email away.

I love that these pillows are made with 100% grade A woven cotton with a hidden zipper enclosure and a synthetic-filled insert. And they are made in the USA. They wash up nicely too.

I think this design is quite striking. What do you think?


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