Top Selling Designs: Number 3

Hattingdon Horses Top Ten Designs of 2015.
This design is one of the most beloved designs in the history of Hattingdon Horses.

Originally created in 2010 for the Louisville, Kentucky market, she continues to resonate with Hattingdon lovers wherever Hattingdon is sold.

Since its introduction, this design has never been out of the top five.

She holds the running title of the number 1 selling design in France.

She was number 1 overall in 2011, and has come in at number 2 for the past four years worldwide.

In a very close call this year she comes in at the number 3 spot.

Have you guessed who it is? Of course, it has to be . . .

Belle Hattingdon
Belle Hattingdon

As Stevie Wonder sings, “Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful?” We love you Belle!

Well, there are two more to reveal and on Monday we will know who is number 1.

Some of you have told us there is no doubt who number 1 is. That’s a given. But you aren’t so sure at about who the second top selling design of 2015 is. Well, that will be coming to you right here on Hattingdon’s Official Blog tomorrow.

Thank you for stopping by and being such good friends to Hattingdon, liking, sharing and spreading the word.

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