Top Selling Designs of 2015: Number 4

Hattingdon Horses Top Ten Designs of 2015.

Are you ready? Have you got it right? Well, you have if you selected . . .

Marcus Hattingdon Black.
Marcus Hattingdon Black. Click to shop.

Marcus Hattingdon wears an oversized lid with a large, turned up brim. A giant letter M dominates the front of the crown.

The gold key in his ear signifies whatever the lock on fashion is Marcus got the key to it.

I adore this design. It makes me smile. A lot. And that’s the whole point of Hattingdon. Hattingdon is a feel good cartoon horse.

Even though he’s still in the top ten, I wonder how Curtis feels about being overtaken by his “cousin” Marcus. Ooooooh.

Well, we are another step closer to revealing Hattingdon’s No. 1 design of 2015. Join us here again tomorrow when number 3 will be revealed. See you then!

In the meantime, I have been experimenting with gold foil. Here’s a card I made. What do you think?

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