Top Selling Designs of 2015: Number 5

Hattingdon Horses Top Ten Designs of 2015.

It’s Stevie.

Stevie Blue Hattingdon
Stevie Blue Hattingdon. Click to shop.

Stevie, our jockey cap design, is not only a 2015 top five selling design, but also sells on the most diverse number of products. Stevie sells on everything we put the design on.

The most popular products are cards, invitations, clothing, mugs and office accessories.

Design Details: Stevie wears a delicious blue jockey hat with matching a pom pom and nosebobs. Features a black chin strap and fashionably large black rimmed goggles with light blue lenses that sit just above the brim.

Four more to go. Can you guess who they are? We’ll discover another tomorrow. See you then.

🙂 Have a browse. »

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