Top Selling Designs of 2015: 6 through 10

Updated 3:16 with larger images per your request.
Top Ten Hattingdon Designs 2015.It’s that time again. All the numbers are in. Here is the start of our yearly countdown of Hattingdon Horses top selling designs. Instead of giving you the top five selling designs for 2015, we are giving you the top ten.

We are starting here today with numbers 6 through 10.

Then over the course of the next five days we will give you the top five selling designs.

So let’s get to it. In reverse order here are 6 through 10. Who do you expect to see?


Cadence Hattingdon
Cadence Hattingdon

From the moment she jumped out the gate we could see the Cadence design was going to be a winner. Cadence Hattingdon made the top ten list for 2015 after being in the market for only a few months.

Thank you Jane for coming up with this design’s distinctive name. The name Cadence not only suggests something musical is going on but is also a dressage term. It literally means, rhythm.

NUMBER NINE — TREAT (also called “Got Treats?”)

Treat (Got Treats?) Hattingdon
Treat (Got Treats?) Hattingdon

This design has been a top selling design since it was introduced and is typically in the top five. This design peaks every year about the same time, around harvest time, or Fall.


Lou Lou Hattingdon.
Lou Lou Hattingdon

This design has a strong following, especially the last few years. The design is admittedly popular in Louisville. It’s not because we are in Louisville that this design ranks in our top ten. Most of the buyers of this design live outside of in the US, not necessarily, and is popular overseas too.


Curtis Hattingdon aka H. Daddy
Curtis Hattingdon aka H. Daddy

What can I say about this design I haven’t said before? Curtis is my “firsborn”. He is the very first Hattingdon I created and I love him dearly. This is the first time Curtis has been out of our top five, ever. Sniff!

If you are interested in learning more about Curtis and how we got started, please visit our “Hat-Story” page.


Heidi Hattingdon Red
Heidi Hattingdon Red

We are not at all surprised that the Heidi design is in the top ten. However, I thought it may have been higher and crack the top five. I predict it will in 2016. We released this design a year and a half ago or so, but that version was retired and the design updated and reintroduced late last summer.

I use this design on cards to express sentiments such as thinking of you, miss you, love you, thank you and so forth. I always receive compliments. This is also the design I buy most often on Zazzle custom stamps. Some of my friends have framed their Heidi card and put it on their desk at home or at work. It comes in three colors: pink, red and Hattingdon’s favorite color, teal.

Heidi Pink, Teal and Red. Framed!
Heidi Pink, Teal and Red. Framed!

The Heidi design is ranked according to total sales of all colors. Interestingly, all three sell equally well.

What do you think so far? Any surprises? Which one stands out to you? And who do you think we are going to see tomorrow at number 5?

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