A flurry of wintry hats by Hattingdon

I didn’t think that Hattingdon had many wintry hats. We have retired quite a few designs over the years as trends changed. Those of you who bought the retired designs have some treasures in the making.

But Hattingdon still has a nice little collection in her hat-rack. Let’s take a look. (Click on any image to shop).



Aspen was originally created in 2010 and has been a perennial favorite.

The Aspen design features a classic hat in icy blue.

The delicate snowflakes that decorate the crown and brim give it a lacy look. Lovely!

Doesn’t this design give you the feeling of wintry slopes?


What can I say about Flap? Flap makes me laugh every time. That is a sign of a good design around here.

Hattingdon is a happy little hatted horse. And Hattingdon is supposed to make you smile, chuckle or best of all give you a good old belly laugh.

Insofar as the design itself, I think the name says it all.


Hannah Hattingdon

Hannah Hattingdon wears a close fitted pull on cap for winter in stripes of plum, burnt orange and lipstick pink.

Loose tassels in matching colors tumble from the top of the cap onto the front.

Plum colored ear warmers complete the look.

Well, that was my intention when I created this design. Quite a few of you, however, see them as headphones. And why not!

Let’s see. Who’s next? Ah, yes. Our current number 1 wintry hat seller for 2015.


Darcy Hattingdon

Darcy Hattingdon wears a pull on winter hat in rich black.

The crown is big and puffy and covers all of her head and most of her ears too, with only the tips of them peeking out.

The hat has a close fitting rolled brim holding it securely in place.

A row of three chunky snowflakes decorate the front.


Lucky Hattingdon

Lucky is one of those hat designs that as soon as we think it may be time to retire it, it has a sudden surge in sales. This is one of Hattingdon’s earliest winter hats, dating back to 2009.

This is another close fitting winter cap with a firm brim.

The Lucky cap is edged in plum and features green shamrocks, golden stars, pink hearts and plum dots throughout.

Hmmm, I am thinking we may update this design a little bit. We’ll let you know.



Our final winter hat is one of our latest additions, from our new bucket hat design line. We’ll talk more about them in another post.

This hat is in a gorgeous blue. I love blue hats for Hattingdon because it looks so good against her brown coat.

The front of this winter hat is decorated with snowflakes. I know. I use a lot of snowflakes. Love them.

Skylar Hattingdon/Green

I don’t think I overlooked anything, but if I have I’ll come back and update for you.

In the meantime, if you live in an icy clime or feeling a bit chilly, here’s a design to warm you up and brighten your day, courtesy of Skylar. (My what big sunglasses you have Skylar).

To see more Hattingdon hat designs, please check out our Design Gallery where you can scroll through every single available design.

Click on any of the images in our A-Z gallery to browse that design in our online store.

Thank you for stopping by and hope to see you again soon.

Vivian Written Out


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