Hattingdon has gift ideas tied up

Artwork by Vivian Grant Farrell.
Artwork by Vivian Grant Farrell.

Neckties are mostly thought of for men, but women have been known to make some wow fashion statements with them. They are a terrific gift idea, useful yet decorative!

Here’s a collection I put together using Hattingdon’s sun logo and some of the embellishments I have created to decorate the hats. Note the X’s and O’s and heart designs in case you are looking for a Valentine’s gift.

Please feel free to click through to shop some of the other awesome necktie designs at Zazzle.







How about a pillow to rest your neck on after all that tie wearing? Doesn’t it look luscious? There’s another waiting for you down below!



Vivian's Openwork Heart/White Pillow
Vivian's Openwork Heart/White Pillow by Hattingdon
Look at Openwork Pillows online at Zazzle.com


I suppose we better finish off with a Hattingdon Sun Logo pillow. Remember. These designs are all customizable. Change the size of the pattern. Select the background color of your choice. HEY! If you make changes, make sure the back matches the front.

Happy viewing. Happy shopping. And thank you for stopping by. Here’s the final pillow.


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