Hattingdon celebrates the season with an array of yuletide toppers

Hattingdon has a hat-rack full of enticing toppers. Naturally her collection includes Christmas hats, from the classic hat such the Merry design, to the novelty hat such as Plum (Pudding). Hattingdon is showing her roots with that last one!

Here they are.


Shop Holly Hattingdon »
Shop Merry Hattingdon »
Shop Bonnie Holly Hattingdon »
• Shop Peppermint Hattingdon »
Shop Plum Hattingdon »

Hey, wait a minute. What about Kris?

Kris Hattingdon is a vintage Christmas hat design from 2009 modeled on Santa Claus’ famous red suit. We named her Kris after that other name for the jolly old elf, Kris Kringle.

We put the Kris design out to pasture in 2013 but there has been a resurgence in interest of late. So we are brushing her off and putting her back in the Hattingdon Horses line very soon. Watch for her!


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